Who is axtremes?

Michael “axtremes” Harmse is a Counterstrike: Global Offensive colour commentator, analyst, desk host and interviewer.

Michael is equally at home taking on the role of the colour commentator or the play by play commentator. He has proven to be extremely versatile and has worked successfully with many talented co-commentators for every major tournament organizer in South Africa. Michael has also worked for ESL and WESG internationally. He is also equally adept in the role of desk host or analyst. Michael is ambitious and motivated, with an eye for detail and a dedication to professionalism.

Michael is an esports writer and journalist, currently writing for Zombiegamer, the GINX ESports TV website and Game Nation SA.

He is the esports host of Africa's most popular gaming podcast, the IGN Sidequest Podcast.

Through his YouTube channel, Michael has interviewed many of South Africa’s top players, team owners, tournament organizers and broadcast talent. As a YouTuber, he produces frequent opinion and analysis pieces.

Games specialised in: CS:GO

Job Role: Commentator, Analyst, Desk Host & Interviewer

Nationality: South African

Languages: English


WESG South African Qualifier Grand Final with Mettlestate - Johannesburg, South Africa

ESEA Season 26 Grand Finals with Mettlestate - Johannesburg, South Africa

ESL Africa Season 1 & 2 - Johannesburg, South Africa - colour commentator, analyst and panel host including the season 1 grand final

ESWC Orena LAN South African Qualifiers at RUSH - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator

Mettlestate Matrix Maverick Challenge - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator

Mega 8 Autumn CS:GO Cup - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator Grand Finals

Telkom Masters Finals at rAge Expo - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator Grand Final

ESEA South Africa Season 24, 23 & 22 - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentor Grand Final

Evetech Champions League Finals & Online Groups - Centurion, South Africa - Commentator

Dreamhack Summer Tours 2016 English B Stream - Commentator

WESG South African Qualifiers 2016 - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator

ECS Development League 2016 - Johannesburg, South Africa - Commentator