Esports Central – Never Idle: Sonic on moving to Team Envy

Jun 12, 2019 11:45 am

Possibly the best South African Counter-Strike player to ever touch the game, Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek’s talent for the game is indisputable. While based in the United States under the banners of Bravado, Denial and more recently ATK, Sonic has only gotten better. Still just 20 years old, Sonic is on an upward trajectory and will likely continue to rise in the consciousness of CS fans in the USA. He’s caught the eye of many in the North American scene, which has finally culminated in him joining Team Envy, one of the largest Multi Gaming Organisations in the world.

Forward, march!

The switch from an all-South African lineup and teammates that he’s been with for years will have not been an easy decision to make. However, when one of the biggest teams in world esports comes calling, it’s not easy to turn them away. While Envy are not currently a top CS:GO side in the world, they have ambitions of rising back to the top after last having been there with the Major-winning French lineup of 2015. After finally giving up on the French scene after years of mediocre results, Envy’s more recent forays into rosters featuring players from their native America have been less successful. Sonic is replacing a legendary American player in jdm64 and will have to deliver for the team in a big way to help them move into the upper echelons of world Counter-Strike. While that seems a long way away at present, the ambition is there and the mix of youth and experience of the current lineup has some of the right ingredients to start them on the path to regaining some of the brand’s past glory.

Straight from the source

Team Envy are showing a lot of faith in the young man. This is the first time a big international org has picked up a top South African player. I caught up with Sonic recently to get his thoughts and feelings after the biggest move of his career.

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