Esports Central: Energy eSports’ Dweezil on winning the Asia Minor CSA Closed Qualifier

Jun 5, 2019 10:40 am

Unexpected championship victories and Energy eSports. They seem to go together like fermented juniper berries and quinine. By that I mean really, really well. After claiming the VS Gaming Masters Title at Comic-Con Africa in October last year under the Energy Academy name with a hastily shuffled lineup, Energy has enjoyed yet another big title win. Possibly the biggest online victory ever for a South African team playing within our borders.

Defying expectations

With an entirely new team, Energy beat Goliath Gaming in the Grand Final of the Starladder Asia Minor CSA Closed Qualifier. Why this matters so much, is that for the first time in history Africa has been included in the qualification process for the next CS:GO Major. To get to the Starladder Berlin Major, South African sides would first need to fight it out for a spot at the Asia Minor where qualification for the Major itself is at stake. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, but Energy are halfway there.

I would contend that this was every bit the upset tournament victory as Goliath looked to have had a stranglehold on the Closed Qualifier and didn’t seem capable of even losing a single map. I would not have rated this young Energy side capable of beating Big 5, Goliath or Sinister5 yet. Much less in the manner they did. They took the hardest road possible and had to best all three teams, including playing Goliath twice. It’s not possible to have had a more legitimate championship victory than being forced to beat the top three teams in the country within the same tournament. This is a momentous win and deserves to be celebrated.

You can read more about it in Matthew “HaZe” Stott’s article here.

Lightning can strike twice

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