Esports Central: Anthrax on ESEA and Mettlestate

May 6, 2019 7:54 am

Mettlestate recently revealed their newly-minted partnership with ESEA. It’s pretty big news for the South African CS:GO scene. Here’s why.


The American-based CS:GO pickup game (pug) platform runs several high-profile international leagues such as the ESEA Mountain Dew League, where SA’s best team ATK ply their trade in North America. There is also a local ESEA Open Division for South Africa that is set to start soon. The Mettlestate Club on ESEA comprises two divisions where individual players can grind away in pugs to potentially win prizes for consistently good performances. Very much the same concept as ESEA Rank S overseas or FACEITs FPL.


ESEA And Mettlestate working together also means there’s some very exciting potential for future tournaments under the ESEA banner as well as the very welcome addition of their secure anti-cheat software to all future Mettlestate tournaments. That in itself is a massively positive step in the right direction when the vast majority of local tournaments are still run online. I hope to see other tournament operators following suit with similar anti-cheat measures.

Anthrax unpacks it all

I spoke with the always amiable Anthrax of Mettlestate, also know to his friends as Barry Louzada. The Mettlestate main man had some great additional insights.

Ax: You’ve announced the launch of the Mettlestate Club on ESEA. Could you explain for those that might not be aware how it works?

Anthrax: The ESEA Club initiative was launched in mid-2018, and allows players to find their communities and people to play with. The Mettlestate ESEA Club is exactly that. A place where players can join a community and play to win over $800 in prizes per month, or just play with their friends in the pug system for less than R100 a month. For a full breakdown of what you can expect and play for, head on over to the Mettlestate website.

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