GameNation SA – Sol on winning the VS Gaming Championship (CS:GO) First time lucky

With VS Gaming’s Masters tournament stealing the majority of the esports limelight at Comic Con Africa, there wasn’t as much fanfare around the rest of the numerous tournaments VS were running at the same time. The VS Gaming League LAN Championships included nine different esports, each with their own generous prize pools. Along with Dota 2, CS:GO was represented both on the Masters stages and down in the dark reaches of the VSGC dungeons.

The championship title for CS:GO was won by the newly created gaming organization, Exalted eSports. I spoke with the former Severe CS:GO side’s Herman “Sol” le Roux to get his take on how things went down. Sol attended his very first offline event at Comic Con and won on his first try. He was understandably rather happy.

Sol on winning the VS Gaming Championship

axtremes: You of course won the VSGC on your first attempt at your first LAN. Let’s go with the generic question: How did you feel after winning? Now, with a week to process things, how are you feeling?

Sol: After winning I was overwhelmed with emotions. After shaking the hands of our formidable opponents, I phoned my mom to tell her we had won. I was just in tears as it meant so much to me. It’s been an exciting week as it is always gratifying to be congratulated for an achievement. I gained a lot of respect for my fellow players. CS:GO has meant quite a lot to me the past three years and I am proud to call our victory one of my greatest achievements in my life thus far.

axtremes: As a first timer on LAN, what sort of preparation did you do? Did you seek advice from more experienced teammates or other players?

Sol: I did no special preparations other than my normal practice routine as I was still busy writing prelims before the LAN started. I did reach out to a few people before LAN besides my teammates – most notably Dyvo from Sinister5 . He helped me to feel more comfortable about the LAN as I did have a lingering fear I might disappoint my teammates. A very important phrase I took to heart was when someone told me I shouldn’t play to impress the outside because it will lead to me being disappointed on the inside.

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