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It’s rAge Expo 2018 weekend and with it comes esports. Perhaps not the usual CS:GO or Dota 2 that you might be expecting however. That all happened at Comic Con Africa just a few weeks ago. Rather, it’s MSI coming up clutch with the second edition of their own Quake Champions tournament. The MSI Quake Champions Duel Cup at Rush was a very slick event and the biggest Quake tournament the local community had ever gotten. Now with the MSI rAge Champions 1v1 Duels, the hardware manufacturer’s intrepid local team is upping the ante and promising an even more professional and polished show. With prizes including an MSI Gaming Notebook and a MSI GTX 1070Ti, the players are understandably excited to get stuck in.


I was privileged enough to cast my first Quake tournament at Rush and absolutely loved the experience. The very vocal crowd seemed to agree as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing local gamers getting to experience Quake as an esport, probably for the first time for many of them. MSI rAge Champions will be one of the relatively few esports events this year at rAge, so it is likely it will attract some attention, as well as the usual array of random people just desperately looking for somewhere to sit down. Either way, this is Quake Champions’ opportunity to be front and center and gather a bit more of the limelight than it usually receives locally. I feel it is well deserved. The local Quake community has been incredibly welcoming to Haze and I as casters. They’ve also been very grateful to MSI, and a few weeks back to VS Gaming, for hosting tournaments. What a great bunch of people.

Shase Quake


The beaten finalist in the last two tournaments, Travis “Shase” Weedon agreed to chat to me about the tournament, his prospects and his opponents. It’s a spicy one.

axtremes: With the top 8 decided, your first match is against MaddMatt. I’d think you would have been preparing for Dr4ma, who unfortunately had to drop out last minute. Does that change anything in your preparation? Will you be trying to study up on Matt or just play your own game?

Shase: Last night I actually had a dream I was playing against Dr4ma in our RO8 game. It was on Ruins of Sarnath which I’m confident he would have chosen against me. He was giving me a good run in that dream, pity we won’t get to see it for real! It doesn’t change anything in my preparation which is really just about getting myself to the highest level of Quake I can. Right now that means focusing on item control and appropriately timed aggression, which I think is a weakness of mine, and then of course a few tricks here and there.

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