GameNation SA – Energy CS:GO needs to move overseas

The Energy CS:GO side utterly dominated the second half of the local scene last year. They started by comprehensively beating SA’s number one side Bravado Gaming at Rush Esports 2017 in a best of five Final on LAN. Energy then one-upped their own achievement by becoming the African Champions in ESL Africa Season Two Finals at rAge. They beat North Africa’s best in and then vanquished their old foes Bravado Gaming yet again in the Grand Final. Everything was set up for a new era of dominance in local and African CS:GO with 2018 approaching.


They started off the year in January rather uncharacteristically by losing in the Semi-final of the WESG South African Qualifiers to Bravado. Perhaps instead of an era, we’d see some epic back and forth matches between EN and BVD. This was not to be however as Bravado Gaming relocated to North America shortly after WESG Qualifiers as part of Project Destiny. Energy should have again been the dominant team in the scene. Sadly for CS:GO fans they were denied entry in VS Gaming Masters, apparently due to an administrative error. Make of that what you will, but the country’s supposedly most prestigious tournament has been severely diminished without their presence.

Energy’s chance at the continuation of their continental African dominance in 2018 was also cruelly denied by ESL Africa’s complete absence from the scene this year. So far there has been no official word on whether there will be a Season 3 this year or next. The Energy team have only competed in ESEA this year, showing ruthless dominance on their way to both Season 27 and Season 28 league titles. Their win at the Vodacom 4U CS:GO Cup at Rush included only a single map loss across the LAN tournament, They won ESEA Season 28 without dropping a single map and repeated the same seemingly impossible feat in securing their Evetech Champions League two weekends ago. What is left in South Africa that would present a challenge to them?

Energy CS:GO needs to move overseas

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