Esports Central – VS Masters at Comic Con Africa: Chatting to Ridditz

Sep 13, 2018 6:29 am

Comic Con Africa is just days away and with that comes the most anticpated cluster of tournaments of the year for esports fans. VS Gaming will of course be holding their annual VS Masters CS:GO and Dota 2 finals tournaments at Comic Con Africa at Kyalami Convention Centre instead of their by now traditional home at rAge Expo. Still present this time around is the VS Gaming Championship (formerly DGC) with players competing in nine different esports titles. You can read about the prize pools for Masters here and the prize pools for the VSGC here.

Asking the hard questions

At Esports Central, we had a few concerns that we raised with VS Gaming about certain aspects of the Masters tournament. We reached out to VS directly and were promised answers to our questions, but have not heard anything since with the promised date having long passed. In the meantime, we were contacted by one of the team owners that had listened to the Esports Central Podcast after we mentioned some of our concerns on the podcast.

XD stands for full disclosure

That team owner was DeWet Lombard-Bovey of Exdee Gaming. He graciously agreed to answer our questions.

ax: In Masters, the teams need to bring their own PCs for the off stage matches, while on stage matches have PCs provided. Correct?

DeWet: Yes that is the case. With the format, there is a chance of only playing one game on your own PC. So bringing up a PC just so that you can play one game on it doesn’t make all that much sense. I understand that CS:GO and Dota 2 are running at the same time, but it did catch us off guard. Especially since we only heard this a week or so ago. This also made us have to change transport arrangements (we’ll get to that later) which cost us unnecessary money.

We got this information less than a month before the actual event. So it makes it nearly impossible to arrange or plan for anything else. We could have arranged PC’s for the players so that they wouldn’t have to fly or drive up with their computers (which puts them at risk), had we known in time. Having arranged and planned the event already, we now have to change that and pay cancellation penalties for the previous travel arrangements.

Full article here.

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