Esports Central – Preview: VS Gaming CS:GO Masters at Comic Con Africa 2018

Sep 13, 2018 6:35 am

The biggest money tournament of 2018 is imminent. It’s the one most fans have been waiting for. From Friday 14 September to Sunday 16, eight of the best CS:GO teams in the country will be competing for a big chunk of money at the VS Gaming Masters finals at Comic Con Africa.

A rocky start

I used the word best, but of course we all know the very best team is not competing at the tournament this year. Last year Energy eSports elected to play in the ESL Africa Season 2 finals instead of VS Masters and went on to become the African champions. Which was happening at the same time as VS Masters at the very same rAge Expo. This year an administrative error somehow saw them excluded from VS Masters. I guess coincidences do happen. Unintentionally or not, for a second year running and without a competitor attempting to steal their their thunder, VS Gaming’s premier CS:GO tournament will be missing the biggest name team on the local scene.

Like with Damage Control’s championship title, the winner of VS Masters 2018 will also have an asterisk next to their name. I’m sure the champions will be happy with the prize money, but every player wants to be the best. You can’t be if the strongest opposition locally is excluded. How about you don’t let this happen again for a third year, please VS Gaming? Fans want to see the best of the best on display. Give us that.

A little bit of… Energetic help?

Two teams at VS Masters finals 2018 will be fielding Energy players however, taking advantage of the post-Leg Four transfer rules to bring in much needed replacements. In the case of xTc Esports, Mark “Spazz” Jebens is writing matric exams which left his team searching for a solution. Rieghardt “Flexi” Romatzki is a more than able substitute and will add some of his experience and additional firepower to the xTc lineup. For Energy Academy, Aidan “Turtle” Nell is no longer in the lineup.

They’ll be looking for a long term fifth player, but found a rather potent replacement in Dominic “Domsterr” Sampaio. Both teams will be slightly buffed by their temporary recruits, but their reasons are quite legitimate. It is a little worrying that the transfer rules and Energy’s exclusion could have opened up the possibility of abuse by other teams. It may even still be called that by some if either of these teams go further in the tournament than expected.

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