Esports Central – Interviewing Ph4ntom on MSI rAge Quake Champions

Oct 30, 2018 10:15 am

Stephen “Ph4ntom” Cloete is historically the greatest Quake player South Africa has ever produced. Is that still the case in the present? I rather cheekily asked him. I managed to catch up with him after his third title in succession at the MSI rAge Champions a few week ago at, you guessed it, rAge Expo 2018. This time he had a much tougher fight on his hands versus Travis “Shase” Weedon in also their third Grand Final encounter in a row.

axtremes: Heading into rAge, you were lacking a little in terms of practice. Were you at all worried about it considering players like Shase and Void were grinding practice for the weeks prior?

Most definitely! Practicing the weeks leading up to a tournament is where you find your form and consistency and this is where I felt I came short a few times. I thought that with the time differences between the Quarters, Semis and Finals, that I would have enough time to practice for my next opponents at the event but it turned out not to be possible.

Were you feeling any pressure to win the title considering you won the last two local tournaments with relative ease? Shase was certainly talking a big game in the week prior.

Yes of course! I had spent virtually no time practicing in the two weeks leading up to rAge Champions and was well aware of just how much time Shase and Void were putting in. It also didn’t help me mentally that Shase had taken some maps off of me in practice games before I went down to Cape Town, which was the week before the competition. He had every right to feel confident about his chances.

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