Esports Central – Mettlestate Call of Duty Championships with Chani_ZA

25 July 2018

The long-awaited Mettlestate Astro Call of Duty Championship is nearly upon us. Registrations recently opened for the R50,000 South African tournament. The first matches will be coming your way on Monday the 30th of July over on Twitch from 19h00. I managed to tear new caster Chantelle “Chani_ZA” Alexander away from her preparation to get some of her thoughts.

Michael “axtremes” Harmse Which teams to you expect to make it through the qualifier?

Chantelle “Chani_ZA” Alexander: Aside from mentioning obvious big names like Energy Esports and Bravado Gamingthat will naturally progress, I’m really expecting big things from Ladon E-Sports. I’m hoping that they make it through the qualifiers. Their roster has real potential, especially considering that they’ve got a very long-running duo in Wxrthyand Ruthy. They’ve been together for a while across multiple seasons and teams. I chatted to Wxrthy recently and it sounds like he’s really hungry to prove himself. I have a feeling that’s going to be a team that makes it through qualifiers.

I’m also expecting Intense to do some cool things considering their recent promotion to Premier Division in VS Gaming. I’m also excited to see how Elite Gaming do. They are a relatively new team that I think sprung up this year. I met the owner in a public game funnily enough. I’m hoping to see some of the newer teams do well.

Who would you say are the current top teams in the country?

It would be silly for me not to mention Bravado Gaming and Energy eSports when chatting about current top teams in South Africa. They have consistently been producing great results for the past couple of seasons. The kind of narrative for South African esports was always the Bravado versus Energy matchup until Bravado’s CS:GO team recently moved to the States. It’s no different for the Call of Duty scene. There have been some interesting changes for Energy when we talk about players. Those two teams are always really great to watch. It’s always an exciting matchup because they are evenly matched considering the talented players that they have and the roles they fill.

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