Esports Central – Preview: Mettlestate Evetech Champions League Season 1

12 July 2018

In case you missed it, I waxed lyrical about the Evetech Champions League yesterday. Today I aim to wax lengthily. Yes, I know that’s not a real figure of speech. Lengithly is a real word though, hah!

This is a real league, right?

It is indeed a fully-fledged online league. 16 teams are competing for the R50000 prize pool, sponsored by Legion by Lenovo and of course the titular Evetech. The 16 teams are split into two groups of eight. The Round-robin best of one format will mean each team plays every other team in their group. That at least will go some way towards neutralizing too much randomness arising from the matches being best of one. If you can’t make it out of groups after seven best of ones, the sheer number of matches mean it’s not the format’s fault. While I’d still prefer best of three matchups, I understand Mettlestate’s thinking in trying to keep broadcasts to one night of the week for practical reasons. Two best of threes in a night would just not work and one match per week would not give teams enough exposure. Talking about multiple matches per night, I remember those glorious 1am casts on ESL Africa last year!

The top two teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs being held 1 – 2 September. Those are best of three double-elimination matches. A best of five final awaits the two best teams. Interestingly and thankfully for South African Counter-Strike fans and players, this isn’t only a single season competition. There are plans for multiple seasons, which means there’s more to play for for all the teams involved. The top eight teams will automatically be entered into season two, while the bottom eight will be relegated back to the qualifier stage. That means there’s plenty of incentive for teams to do their best to stay in the top four in their groups to avoid relegation. It also means that teams that didn’t make it in this time around will have another chance later in the year for season two.

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