Esports Central – Overwatch Contenders Season 2: Getting it Wright

12 July 2018

Overwatch Contenders Europe has already started as of the second of July. I managed to chat with my esteemed and rather talented colleague, Sam “Tech Girl” Wright, prior to the start of the competition. I most profusely apologize to her and to you, dear readers, for the extreme delay in this interview being released. The timing of Rush Esports was not quite ideal since Overwatch Contenders started immediately after. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Without further declarations of innocence, let’s hear from Sam.

axtremes: Season Two of Overwatch Contenders is happening quite soon after the last season. How do you feel going back to the Ukraine again so quickly? Are you ready?

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright: I’m definitely ready and I’m excited! I felt like in the first one we knew the teams, but we hadn’t really had the chance to see them play. Now we know the teams better. We’ve seen them on LAN. It makes it more fun because for me what is exciting is being able to develop those player storylines and narratives. We get to do that now. You get the newcomers who are the new faces you can start with, but you can also develop on the guys that we’ve seen already.

I think it’s going to be pretty cool, because some of the players are coming straight off LAN. For some of them it was the first time they’d gone to LAN as a team. They’ll be very confident coming in as well, which means you know you’ll get a little more cocky play, which is always fun to watch.

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