GameNation SA – Rush Esports from the axtremes POV

6 July 2018

I tend to write quite a variety of content here on GameNation for my weekly article. There have been many pieces on Counter-Strike and Bravado Gaming. I’ve done guides to casting and correct microphone choice. You’ve seen the pieces covering less well-known esports like Sim Racing. Articles about events. Previews of upcoming events. All sorts of content. My thanks to the GameNation team for giving me the space to write whatever I want. So I’m going to invoke my “whatever I want” clause and go with something more along the lines of a blog for this piece. Let’s take a look back at Rush Esports from my perspective.

Vodacom 4U CS:GO Cup

Friday started pretty early by esports standards. I’m always up late with casts or writing, so having to leave the house by 7:30 am to make it to the Sun Arena in Pretoria from Johannesburg on time hurt. A lot. The traffic wasn’t too bad but I still got there a little later than planned. Heading into the first game of the day for the Vodacom 4U CS:GO Cup, I was far more energized than my lack of sleep should have allowed. The legends from the Mettlestate team had been contending with a plethora of technical and logistical issues. Most of them totally not Mettlestate’s fault. They did a sterling job pulling everything together and allowing us to go live just about on time. Their energy, despite lack of sleep and their long hours of prep, made me excited to get stuck in. Of course, the overall stage and production were superb. Rush itself was looking awesome, even if it was still lacking a little in foot traffic owing to it still being during work and school time.

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