Esports Central – The Rush MSI Quake Champions Cup 2018 Results

6 July 2018

This article was originally written by Mario “Dr4ma” Cyrus Appolis for the Quake Champions South Africa website. It has been edited and added to by axtremes for clarity, with permission from the original author.

Rush Esports at the Sun Arena  in Pretoria saw the introduction of Quake Champions at a big LAN tournament for the first time. It was in my eyes a great success and may be the start of many bigger and better events yet to come.

The road to Quake Champions on LAN

Online qualifiers started two weeks before the event and eight players qualified to battle it out offline. They were playing for a rather sweet-looking MSI i7 Gaming Notebook with a GTX 1060 for first place. There was also a MSI GK70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for second place. After the online phase, the eight players who qualified were: Ph4ntom, Stat1c, Anonymou5, KaoticZA, Void, Dr4ma, cYan1D3, and Shase.

Gladiators assemble!

Walking into the arena really made you feel like a professional gamer. This was largely due to the setup of the event, the lighting, the helpful support staff and the atmosphere. The Quake Champions tournament had its own dedicated stage, with a big screen and ample viewer seating. For the most part, all the Quakers seemed relaxed and confident despite the big stage.

Brothers in arms

I have to commend all the Quakers that were at the event. They are a real friendly bunch of guys with everyone eager to help sort out any problems that we had. No matter who won or lost, everyone received congratulations and respect from all the Quakers. Make no mistake however, everyone that competed came to win and cause upsets. The competition was electrifying, with everyone cheering and shouting for their favourite player to win.

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