Esports Central – Quick Hit: MSI Quake Champions Cup

4 July 2018

In our new series Quick Hit, axtremes drops his opinion with lightning speed while his hat overlords aren’t looking.

This past Saturday at Rush Esports, was the very first national Quake Champions LAN tournament in South Africa for the title. MSI put on a fantastic debut event. Of course I would say that, considering I was one of the commentators. Taking that out of the equation however, I was really impressed. You never really know what to expect the first time you work for a new tournament organizer. It could be amazing or utterly terrible. Thankfully this was in the former camp. For a PC components brand to pull an event off with all the elements a large tournament organizer would provide, but doing all of it in-house as well as they did, is a crazy thought. There were a few technical issues, but all of them were the game itself. It’s called Early Access for a reason after all. Well done to Byron Trent of MSI and the team, including James from Evetech. They really did exceed everyone’s expectations and made a lot of Quake fans and players very happy.

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