Esports Central – Quick Hit: Male esports teams don’t exist

26 June 2018

In our new series Quick Hit, axtremes drops his opinion with lightning speed while his hat overlords aren’t looking.


The existence of female CS:GO teams and the Valkyrie League is great for local esports. In fact, I applaud the efforts of Mettlestate to grow the female player base and community. What I’m less enthusiastic about is when I hear mentions of “male CS:GO teams”. Those simply do not exist and it’s disingenuous for community members, whoever they are, to assert that to be the case. Just because the majority of pro-level teams internationally and locally are invariably male-dominated in terms of members does not make them “male teams”.

Esports is for everyone

Esports, regardless of the specific game, are inherently exponentially more inclusive to all genders than nearly every physical sport. In physical sports, male and female leagues are separated because of the obvious physical differences between the genders. The fact that esports are largely male-dominated at this point in history, doesn’t mean that they are inherently anti-female. It just means that female players are still in the minority. The stigmas around gaming and esports are slowly changing and it’s becoming more mainstream. Over time, and thanks to initiatives like Valkyrie, we’ll begin to see more women becoming involved. It’s likely that in time we will start to see women perform well at the highest levels of competition.

It is dangerous to delineate along gender lines when it comes to top-flight esports teams. We should be celebrating the fact that esports is open to anyone of any gender or body type. At its core, esports is inclusive when we separate the biases and politics of individuals. There is no reason we should make outsiders, potential investors, and sponsors think otherwise by calling regular teams “males teams”. Much of the mainstream media has an obvious and damaging agenda to push in that regard. Let’s not give them any more ammunition.

Quick Hit: Male esports teams don’t exist

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