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14 June 2018

The newest patch for CS:GO went live on 12 June. In contrast to the usual community negativity that surrounds updates to the game, this one has seemingly been well-received. Valve have clearly been listening to community and pro player feedback. While it’s been a long time coming, it’s finally here. Could this be the end of the CZ:GO meme? I’ll focus a bit more on the weapon changes in this article, but the Mirage tweaks are quite compelling as well.

Weapon changes

– Reduced base damage of the CZ75a from 33 to 31 (a single shot is no longer lethal against a helmeted opponent).

– Increased reserve ammo for the M4A1-S from 40 to 60, to provide some additional utility without impacting brief engagements.

– Reduced price of the MP7 from $1700 to $1500.

CZ-75: a nudge in the right direction

This $500 pistol has been the scourge of professional matches for quite some time now. It has been heavily nerfed since its halcyon days back in 2014 when it was massively overpowered. The CZ fell out of favour for a while, but has since settled back into its unofficial title as the pocket AK-47. The subtext here is that the CZ was still massively overpowered and presented a problem at the pro level. In certain close and medium range engagements it could often beat rifles in duels because of its superior accuracy while moving and high fire rate. It needed to be changed.

Rather than doing what Valve of yesteryear would have done in making large and possibly gamebreaking adjustments, they’ve taken a better approach. By lowering the damage output only slightly, the one shot kill headshot potential has been removed from the weapon. It will still be powerful undoubtedly, but it should cut down on the onslaught of seemingly random round-winning one tap kills the CZ usually gets. An eco weapon should not be as powerful as the CZ was, especially versus fully brought up players with rifles. This should go a long way towards redressing the balance. Definitely the most significant part of the the update for pro play and matchmaking alike.

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