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7 June 2018

In case you somehow don’t know, allow me to set the stage. South Africa’s Bravado Gaming CS:GO team relocated to the United States some time ago. Earlier this year as part of Project Destiny, the team made the move to Phoenix, Arizona. The whole point of the endeavour was to get regular competition against better North American opposition and thereby improve. They’ve had some good victories as well as some rather crushing defeats. At the moment, things are looking up for the South Africans. Here’s an update.

Do you even Mountain Dew?

In Bravado’s case, they were privileged enough to be invited to ESEA’s Mountain Dew League (MDL). The introduction of ESEA Advanced as an intermediate division between Main and MDL has seen some of their Main rivals languishing in Advanced. No such trouble thankfully for BVD thanks to winning ESEA Main last season with relative ease. Season 28 has only just started. It’s a big step up in terms of the skill level BVD will be contending with every week in the league. This will be both their toughest challenge so far in North American league play, as well as their best opportunity to improve as a team. Regular league play against good opponents is always preferable to occasional qualifiers against teams of wildly different skill.

In week two of MDL, Bravado are currently sitting at sixth spot on the leaderboard. With five matches played, they have won three and lost two. It’s of course still early days in the championship race. There are a number of teams here that Bravado now have a history with. Swole Patrol, Mythic, Dignitas, F1-racecar-PEEK and Fam143 are all opponents they’ve faced in the past with varying success. They have a tough season ahead, but also a big chance to make a leap forward as a team. This season’s MDL field is also probably one of the weakest in the last few, which means BVD are in with a shout of making the playoffs and coming away with a good result. Possibly an outside chance of promotion to ESL Pro League.

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