Esports Central – Multiple team ownership and the South African MGO

17 May 2018

There have seemingly always been multi-gaming organizations (MGOs) in South African esports that have more than one team. That’s why it’s called an MGO, surely? Their unstated goal has to be to field teams in an as many games as they can that they feel they would be competitive in. The “multi” part of MGO, if you will. What about MGOs that own multiple teams within the same esport? Teams that could potentially play against each other throughout the course of the year in the same competitions despite having the same owners? That’s what we’ll be focusing on here.

Valve, please fix

With the FACEIT London CS:GO Major coming up, developers Valve saw fit to release updated rules surrounding multiple team ownership and match-fixing. Here are the updated rules covering those topics.

6.6 – Any form of collusion or match-fixing in order to manipulate the results in this tournament will result in disqualification and potentially a permanent ban from FACEIT. To report any match-fixing allegations, please send us an email with evidence to

6.7 – Entry Restrictions

Teams and players should not have any financial interest in the success of any team that they are competing against. To participate in the 2018 Fall Major, players and teams are required to affirm that they have no business entanglement (including, but not limited to, shared management, shared ownership of entities, licensing, and loans) with any other participating team or its players. If teams or players have an agreement or business arrangement that may be of concern, then please reach out to the tournament officials for further discussion.

According to investigative journalist Richard Lewis, the amendments and additions to the rules were directly from Valve themselves, rather than by tournament organizers FACEIT. You can read the rules on the FACEIT Major Qualifier signup pages. Click on any of the qualifiers to gain access to the rules.

Read the full article here.

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