GameNation SA – South Africa’s best young CS:GO Players

11 May 2018

Actually, a more appropriate title would be: here’s three young South African CS:GO players that I think are really good and therefore so should you. It turns out websites don’t like such long titles. So, I had to go with something a bit more snappy that perhaps gives the wrong impression. This isn’t some list where I’m ranking players from the best on down. It’s just an opinion piece where I put the spotlight on three young players that I think are poised to make their mark going forward. Also, I tend to shy away from offering opinions on players that I’ve only watched a handful of times. I’ve seen plenty of potential, but these are the guys I’ve seen enough of to be confident in.

Slick shoes

Movement is an underrated skill in the top echelons of South African CS:GO. The only two players that immediately come to mind with exceptional movement skills are Johnny “JT” Theodosiou and Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek. What do I mean by movement? The ability to consistently make highly skilled jumps that involve air strafing, pixel perfect placement and impeccable timing to achieve. Think running on the lip of sniper window on Mirage and then jumping on the railing on a catwalk in the vein of KennyS or JW. Or being able to chain multiple bunny hops together to reach a position a split second early to surprise the enemy and then deftly escape unscathed.

The only player I’ve casted in recent times that I’ve seen pulling off similar feats of movement excellence is Tyler “adaro” Oliver, currently of Online Kingdom. What’s encouraging is that he does the same things on LAN. I had the opportunity to cast a couple of adaro’s matches playing in a mixed team at the 1337 LAN in Nelspruit and he was pulling them off in high-pressure situations as well. He’s mostly been a primary AWPer and for that particular role, sick movement skills are a massive asset towards being mobile with the gun.

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