Unlike other popular esports titles, CS:GO doesn’t have player roles that are defined by the game itself. Think of MOBA games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. In those games, a player’s role within the team is characterized by the position on the map they chose for themselves. An Offlaner is both the position on the map he assumes and the role that automatically comes with that position.

In CS:GO, there aren’t predefined player roles to nearly the same extent because of the nature of the game. Instead, the roles players have taken up over time have been dictated by what evolved in competitive play at the highest levels through necessity.

So… Player Roles! Explain them!

Most of the roles I will explain below have generally come to be accepted by the wider professional CS:GO community through their use by journalists and writers in the space. Bear in mind that when discussing player roles, I am only referring to the Terrorist (T) side. Counter-Terrorist play certainly has some well-defined roles that have developed, but I won’t go into those in this piece. Perhaps a future article might cover those.

Another thing to take into account is that player roles can be extremely fluid within a match. For instance, the In Game Leader might very well also be the Entry Fragger during certain strategies. The same player could also act as the lurker during other set plays. There are of course players that are completely dedicated to a given role, but there are just as many players that wear multiple hats on the T side.

Entry Fragger

This is the player tasked with the unenviable job of going into the bombsite first. While getting a frag is certainly an important part of his job, it is actually secondary to gathering information on the enemies’ positions in the site and relating that to the team. This player runs into the site and draws the enemy team’s fire so that the defenders positions can be identified and dealt with. More often than not, the Entry will die to set up his teammates to trade kill.

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