GameNation SA – The War at Home: South African CS:GO so far in 2018

13 April 2018

The first four months of this year have been rather strange and somewhat disquieting in the South African Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. It’s been a time of upheaval. Unusual results for teams that were heavily favored. Unexpected victories for underdog lineups. A lack of true strength versus strength competition in SA’s tournaments. What’s going on?

Stranger Things

There has been the disbanding of Damage Control’s venerable and storied CS:GO lineup. Bravado Gaming moved to Phoenix, Arizona as part of Project Destiny. The lustre on Energy eSports’ African Championship title has slowly started to fade as we have only seen them play in ESEA and no other local competitions. Big 5 Esports who should have taken up the mantle as the next best team behind Energy after Bravado’s departure isn’t even playing in ESEA this season. Goliath Gaming has seemingly been the most consistent team, having played in all the online tournaments. In their case though, they’ve shown an alarming fragility against what should be considered lesser opposition at times. To be fair to them, they have at least secured an online title this season.

Who’s the boss?

It’s very hard to make a case for any team being the absolute best in South Africa right now due to a lack of match data to work off of. The teams that should be duking it out for the top spot aren’t all playing in the same tournaments. I think of Energy eSports, Big 5 Esports and Goliath Gaming as the teams that should by all rights be fighting for first place. They should be towering over all the pretenders to the throne. Those new usurpers that seek to steal their hard-earned place on the metaphorical podium of South African CS:GO.

Big 5 and Goliath are in VS Masters together, sans Energy…

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