GameNation SA – The South African CSGO Dream Team

17 April 2018

What if we were able to ignore politics, alliances, friendships and broken relationships, contracts, and all that other stuff that just gets in the way? What if we could attempt to construct the best possible CS:GO team of five players with no restrictions? Imagine that we’re living in an ideal universe, where any combination of players is possible. As a fun exercise, I’m going to attempt to construct what I feel could be a potential Dream Team from the current elite South African player base. This is not grounded in reality and I’m well aware that it could never happen.

If you take this as an attempt on my part to criticize current lineups, then you’re completely missing the point. This is not an indictment on anyone’s skill or abilities in the game if they are not picked here. The object is to hypothesize and play around with some interesting combinations that could make for an internationally competitive team. It’s parallel universe stuff. It’s meant to be fun. So let’s get to it!

Saving the best for first

Anyone that knows anything about South African CS:GO would not be able to imagine a Dream Team without Bravado Gaming’s Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek in it. Neither could I. My first pick is the player that always gets mentioned by overseas analysts when they talk about the best South African players. Us local analysts like mentioning him too. He’s highly-rated with a rifle or an AWP and for good reason. Sonic is the most complete player from SA. His more passive approach keeps him alive in rounds long enough to make a huge impact for his team. Think red-headed coldzera with a Joburg accent. Of course, I’m not suggesting he’s as good as the Brazilian demigod. The similarities in their play style and approach to the game are where I see the connection. Our apex predator in SA CS is Sonic.

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