GameNation SA – An interview with Bravado Academy’s 2SSB

Successful South African MGO, Bravado Gaming, just announced their newly acquired Academy CS:GO team earlier this week. The former Energy Finesse team will continue competing in the all-female Mettlestate ASUS ROG Valkyrie League as Bravado Finesse. They are currently sitting at the top of the leaderboard, having won all three of their matches so far. In game leader and Desert Eagle aficionado Christin “2SSB” Meistre managed to tear herself away from CS:GO long enough to to talk to me about the team.

An interview with Bravado Academy's 2SSB

Pic of Christin by Maddmatt at the Valkyrie Challenge last year

axtremes: Signing with Bravado is certainly some very exciting news! However, I’m going to make a slight detour first. You’ve changed your in game name to 2SSB from just using Christin. What does it mean?

2SSB: It was the first gaming tag I had when I started in the competitive scene. I only changed from  ‘2SSB’ due to people’s frustration when trying to say it. This name has an incredible amount of meaning behind it to me. 2SSB directly stands for 2 Special Services Battalion. This is the military group which my father served in when he was in the army.

axtremes: Originally the team left Energy eSports with the intention of being independent. What did joining with Bravado offer you that you wouldn’t have had as an independent team?

2SSB: We received humbling amounts of offers, with a number of people and organisations approaching us after we became an independent team. I am honestly still astonished that esports in South Africa has grown as much as it has. That so many people are interested in us as a team and female gaming as a whole. In our discussions with anyone we always had one request only. Support. Bravado is able to give us the support we need to grow from strength to strength. They have many years of experience and knowledge to pass on and the desire to push us to the point where we give our best.

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