Esports Central – VS Masters CS:GO 2018 Leg 1 in Review & Leg 2 Preview

23 April 2018

VS Gaming’s premier South African CS:GO league, Masters, just started its second leg for the year last week. Unlike in previous years, for the first time two teams were relegated and two were promoted. This has meant we’re now a little closer to a true strength versus strength competition in Leg Two. Although we are still missing teams like Sinister5, Aperture Gaming and Energy eSports. Hopefully future legs go further to rectify matters.

Curiouser and Curiouser

LeetPro and Pulse Gaming were promoted at the expense of the now relegated White Rabbit Gaming and Severe. Here’s where it gets a bit confusing though. Pulse’s lineup were picked up by White Rabbit Gaming and will continue in Masters as White Rabbit Gaming. At the same time the old, relegated WRG team will continue campaigning under the same MGO in the Premier Division.

I do think that is somewhat of a concern that promotion/ relegation matches were not played between the top two teams in Premier Division and the bottom two Masters teams. Just because a team perhaps failed during a season doesn’t automatically mean the best team in the division below would be any better or could even beat them. In this case I do feel the automatic swap has worked out and is therefore justified. However it could in future lead to some problematic promotions for teams that aren’t quite ready to perform at the higher level of Masters. A team seeking promotion should have to prove they deserve to be there by beating a Masters team in a series. Likewise, a Masters team wanting to retain their place should prove they are deserving by beating the Premier side looking to make the step up.

Looking forward in the rearview mirror

Let’s take a look back at Leg One and use that to find some context as to how the teams might do in Leg Two.

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