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26 April 2018

In what is probably the most noteworthy lineup change for a South African CS:GO team in recent memory, Gareth “MisteM” Ries officially became a part of Energy eSports yesterday. He replaced Jan “takbok” Theron. What made it noteworthy? Who is MisteM? How will this affect the best team in the country? Stick around and I’ll get into it all.

Getting all misty-eyed

To my mind, MisteM is one of the most promising young players I’ve had the privilege of watching or casting this year. He was the first name I thought of when I started planning an article in which I would name a group of young players to watch in 2018. That piece is still coming. It’s just that this roster change came up before I could get it published. The kid is good. Really good. Have a look at this clip from the ESEA Semi-Final to give you an idea of his capabilities in a high-pressure situation:

Why takbok?

On balance, I’d say that takbok was the most likely player to be cut by Energy. Throughout the last 9 months, he has been the worst performing player on the team. It’s tough to shine in a team of stars. Takbok had some great moments and remained particular fearsome on forcebuys and in clutch situations. It’s just that he never quite hit the level of his teammates. One could argue a player not contributing that much in terms of frags is a more supportive element. While takbok is a fairly passive player, I don’t really feel that he was setting up other players or being the man throwing the nades for his teammates. He played his role more than adequately.

Energy as a team have higher ambitions than just being the best in this country. In order to do that, they’ve looked to bolster their player stocks which has meant their weakest link was removed. He would make a magnificent pickup for any team below Energy looking for an experienced campaigner to round out their roster.

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