Esports Central – Preview: ESEA SA Season 27 Grand Final

18 April 2018

It’s that time again! It feels like just the other day I was writing about the Final of Season 26 for Zombiegamer. In the playoffs of Season 26 we saw reigning African champions Energy eSports lose to Big 5 Esports. This was in large part due to one of their best players, Rieghardt “Flexi” Romatzki, being unavailable. It lead to a rather one-sided final in which Bravado Gaming mercilessly pummeled Big 5. It was a rather unexpected matchup in the final created by unusual circumstances for Energy. In Season 27 we are again faced with an unexpected matchup.

Favourite is spelled “Energy”

This time round Energy eSports have had no trouble dealing with most anything thrown at them during the course of Season 27. Their only loss came in the second week of the tournament against Goliath Gaming, in a narrow 16 – 14 loss on Inferno. Dean “massacRe” Davids had a particularly outstanding performance in that game, claiming 31 EN scalps in the best of one matchup. Unfortunately for Goliath, in the rematch last week for the Semi-Final, Energy managed to keep the young firebrand from having much impact. EN managed 16 – 13 and 16 -5 wins on Inferno and Mirage. They certainly seemed a bit rusty in the first half of Inferno, but once they changed to the CT side they seemed to move up several gears. Captain and in game leader, Robby “blackpoisoN” Da Loca locked down banana with the AWP. He made B bombsite a restricted area for anyone with a GG tag, recording 30 kills by the end of Inferno. On Mirage, he continued leading from the front in an abbreviated map where Energy blew Goliath off the server while recording 25 kills.

This Energy side have not played in many matches of late, which undoubtedly contributed to their slow start against Goliath in the first half of Inferno. ESEA is in fact the only league Energy are currently competing in. This has left them rather lacking in match practice. They didn’t participate in Ballistix Masters or the VS Gaming CS:GO ladder. If you’re Energy, it’s tough to reconcile having to grind from ladder to move up the divisions to possibly make Masters by the end of the year. I can understand why they’d perhaps rather not spend the majority of the year wiping the floor with lesser teams. It’s just not productive for a team with an eye on bigger and better things.

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