Esports Central – ESEA announcement a significant setback for Bravado Gaming?

27 april 2018

Update 27.04.2018

According to Bravado Gaming, MDL move ups are still to be done. The information we have from ESEA indicates otherwise, but it is entirely possible they might still include Bravado based on what the MGO is saying. We hope that this is indeed the case.


If you’ve been reading any of my work on Esports Central or GameNation SA, you would probably be well aware of the way ESEA’s league structure works. I’ve written more than a few articles about Bravado Gaming’s odyssey to the United States within the framework of Project Destiny. The team’s primary focus has been competing in the ESEA Main online league. They’ve also entered numerous other competitions and qualifiers, to be sure. However promotion to ESEA Mountain Dew League (MDL) from Main would have been paramount in the minds of the team and their overarching goal.

Advancing from Main

MDL is after all just one level down from ESL Pro League (EPL). Might I remind you that EPL is where the best of the best compete. Bravado were set to be within touching distance of a place amongst the true CS:GO elite in North America. Of course they would still have needed to progress through MDL to gain promotion. There are no guarantees that they would do well in MDL, but let’s use a little creative license and assume they would eventually be successful. Working on that assumption, it might have taken a season or two to join the best professional MDL teams at the top of the leaderboard. From there they would then have a crack at promotion to EPL. With ESEA’s announcement yesterday, that dream scenario might at the very least take a season longer to begin to play out.

You can read the full article on Esports Central here.

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