Esports Central – Do esports players use social media enough?

18 April 2018

This has been something that’s come up frequently with a number of the tournament organizers I’ve worked with in the past. There’s a general feeling of frustration with some of the players participating in their tournaments. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with their behaviour online (Eds – although that’s certainly a topic for the future) or anything that they’re doing wrong per se… It’s more that players in general tend not to be very active on social media about the very matches they’re playing in.

An esports player’s personal brand

It seems like quite a basic thing. Surely you’d want your fans and followers to know when you’re playing so they can tune in to support you? Apparently not, it would seem, for many of SA’s players. This of course doesn’t apply to everyone. There are those players that are very good at posting regularly, building their personal brands and letting their fans now when and where they can see their magnificence on display. But that almost seems like the exception rather than the rule.

It does seem like there is a general lack of effort that players tend to put into engaging with their followers and building themselves as a brand. As a player, if you want to be the first name on people’s lips when a spot opens in a top team, being highly visible in the public space can only be good for you and your career. Having a loyal following means fans will be on your side if anything ever goes awry with your team/team owner in the public space. There are no negatives to becoming a brand in and of yourself as a player, aside from the few minutes extra a day it takes you to look after your social media platforms.

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