Esports Central – Crime and Punishment: Cheaters in CS:GO

Nobody likes a cheater. That’s the understatement of the century. When one encounters a player using hacks to cheat inside of Valve’s matchmaking, it can be a massively frustrating undertaking. It’s awful to feel powerless. Who wants to be locked into a 40 minute exercise in futility while possibly being taunted by the cause of one’s exasperation? Perhaps that nefarious ne’er-do-well is twirling around like a homicidal spinning top and headshots everything on the server using a spinbot. Or maybe the mischievous miscreant has less extreme, though still powerful, aim assistance or wallhacks. It’s never a pleasant experience for the legitimate players on the server trying to enjoy the game. Most of us have been on the receiving end of a hacker at least once within CS:GO. Thankfully, Valve are making great strides in convicting and banning the accounts of hackers using VACnet. This should make the experience better for average players in future.

Seeking a competitive edge. Illegally.

So what of the competitive scene in South Africa? There have been a couple of relatively high-profile cases in the last few years. These players were caught participating in local tournaments using illegal software assistance of some kind to gain an unfair advantage. In the case of Gareth “MisteM” Ries, he was banned from participating in Telkom’s (now VS Gaming’s) Digital Gaming League in 2015 for hacking. Last year, Conner “zonC” Hughlin admitted to using an illegal exploit in Mettlestate’s Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship. He was also subsequently banned by the esports Integrity Coalition.

There have been others, but these are the two that most current CS:GO fans would know of. It’s not my intention to debate the morality of cheating or whether or not the bans were deserved. The rules in all competitions prohibit using any form of hack, software exploit, or external assistance. The bans themselves were ruled on by the respective tournament organizers (TO). Whether we agree with the validity of the bans or not, the players were removed from play for a few years in each case.

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