Esports Central – Bravado’s journey to the New World so far

18 April 2018

Project Destiny. A great name for a Scandinavian progressive metal band or the codename for Sargon’s latest attempt to get a Tinder date. If you thought either was true, you’d be absolutely wrong. For the only two people in South African esports that don’t know what it is, I’ll explain a little for your benefit. You’re welcome. Bravado Gaming’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team embarked on Project Destiny in late January after qualifying for the WESG World Finals. It is an ambitious attempt to close the gap between Bravado and international teams by relocating the team to North America. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. Since the move, Bravado have experienced some incredible highs and some rather disappointing lows. This is a recap of their path thus far.

Climbing that Mountain

Bravado have been quite dominant throughout ESEA Main Season 27. Their goal will of course be to qualify for the ESEA Mountain Dew League (MDL). At this stage, they look well placed to attain that goal with only one game standing between themselves and reaching the Final of Main. At the time of writing they were due to face FeelUnderAgeMan in the Main Semi-Final, with Bravado heavily favoured in this matchup. The players from FeelsUnderAgeMan are unironically not old enough to compete in MDL due to the minimum age rules. Even if Bravado were to somehow lose, unlikely as it is, they could still go through to MDL because of that. However, I am quite confident in saying that Bravado should have no trouble qualifying to MDL.

The Final, should they reach it, would be against Fam143, a team that they beat rather handily during league play in March. Shaun “Profeci” Murrel and I managed to cast this match, which you can watch here. Of significance in the VOD is the third match against FakeOut Nation. Rather infamously FakeOut Nation threw the game after they were leading 14 – 4. This was in order to secure a more favourable playoff bracket. If they managed to get enough rounds in this particular match without winning it, they would then avoid Bravado in the early part of the playoffs. It was a rather disappointing match to cast, which lead to me leaving it out of the VOD with an explanation of the situation included instead. Subsequently ESEA took the controversial decision to ban FakeOutNation from ESEA for a league season for throwing.

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