GINX TV – IEM Katowice CS:GO Grand Final Highlights

March 5, 2018

The crowd at the Spodek Arena was incredible hyped for the best of five Grand Final of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. FaZe Clan were undoubtedly the people’s champions after FaZe had donned white player jerseys adorned with the Legia Warsaw football team’s logo during the Semi-Finals. FaZe came into yet another Grand Final with the weight of expectation that comes with being overwhelming favourites for the title.

Fnatic, for their part, are a team that in the past seemed to embrace their popular characterization as the bad guys of CS:GO. During and leading up to their dominance of the scene in 2015, a number of incidents created this perception of them as villains. The infamous Olofmeister Boostgate at Dreamhack Winter 2014, the flusha cheating allegations and the glee the players seemingly took in playing to the supervillain archetype in front of the cameras all added to it. The crowd was against them. The pundits all favoured FaZe.

Cache: 16 – 5

The first round of the game almost seemed to set the tone for what would follow. Freddy ”KRIMZ” Johansson managed to snatch a bomb defusal in the midst of a chaotic A site retake that FaZe seemed to have under control:

The map as a whole was not close however, with a rampant FaZe easily sweeping fnatic aside.

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