GameNation SA – WESG World Finals & Bravado Gaming

March 12, 2018

The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) World Finals in China is set to start on Tuesday, 13 March. This year, both White Rabbit Gaming and Bravado Gaming will be flying the South African flag during their WESG campaigns in Dota 2 and CS:GO respectively. For more insight into WRG’s preparation, here’s last week’s interview with Ryan “Chidowi_” Lancaster. For today, let’s focus on Bravado and their efforts in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship.

Encouraging signs

Since Bravado’s move to the United States as part of Project Destiny, they’ve been performing at a level that I think has surprised even themselves. Fan expectation will have been understandably high, if not a little unrealistic at times. Bravado seem to have taken a more circumspect approach, with expectations being focused more on incremental improvement than immediately upsetting big name opposition. That said, their win over Team Dignitas in the ECS Challenger Cup Closed Qualifier would have been a welcome one to the team. They are certainly putting in the right kind of practice to continue their positive evolution as a team, if the recent GLHF interview with Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali is anything to go by.

Since the Dignitas victory, their respective runs in the PreGame Launch Cup and the ECS North America Challenger Cup itself would have only served to bolster their confidence. The team has confirmed for themselves and the fans back home that they are able to be competitive at the second tier of American Counter-Strike. What now remains to be seen is how competitive they might be against tier two European opposition at WESG.

The world’s scariest bullet dodged

When Bravado’s group at WESG was announced, the revelation of Team Ukraine’s inclusion was not a welcome one. The Ukrainian outfit, while including some journeyman talent from teams within the region, also included Na`Vi prodigy Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. There is not a more dominant player in modern Counter-Strike than s1mple. He is currently the world’s best player, capable of hard-carrying most teams to the playoff stages of even tier one tournament without much backup from his team. Nobody can carry a team like s1mple. No other player is as imposing a presence on the server.

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