GameNation SA – Preview: Bravado at ECS S5 NA Challenger Cup Closed Qualifier

16 Feb 2018

Bravado Gaming at ECS S5 NA

Bravado Gaming has only been in North America for a few short weeks. As part of Project Destiny, they’ve been attempting to gain entry into other tournaments and leagues besides ESEA Main. Already, South African fans have a reason to get behind the team. Bravado is competing in the latter stages of a qualifier for a top-tier league in the United States of America.

What are they trying to qualify for?

The Esports Championship Series (ECS) is Faceit’s flagship CounterStrike: Global Offensive league. Now into its fifth season, it is the direct competitor to the ESL Pro League (EPL). Like Pro League, ECS has a North American League as well as a European League. ECS is unique in that they offer co-ownership and therefore profit-sharing to teams playing in the leagues.

Youtube-sponsored ECS is at the forefront of massive prize pools in CS:GO. For the Season 4 Finals in Cancún, Mexico, a rather eye-watering $660,000 was split between the eight teams attending. Grand Final winner Faze Clan walked away with $250,000.

Bottom line is that if you’re Bravado Gaming, you desperately want to make it into ECS Season Five.

How do they get there?

This weekend, between 17 and 19 February, Bravado will be taking part in the ECS Challenger Cup Closed Qualifier. Featuring 13 teams, the top four from the Qualifier will be berthed into the Challenger Cup.

Potentially dangerous teams like Rise Nation, compLexity, Ghost and Splyce await the top four qualifying teams. Those that place first and second in the Challenger Cup will make the move up to ECS Season 5. There, they will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience against tier one teams. Among them, Major-winners Cloud 9, the legendary SK Gaming lineup, and current Beyond The Summit winners, Team Liquid. A tantalizing, if slightly scary prospect.


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