GameNation SA – The old gods are gone: CS:GO South Africa in 2018

23 Feb 2018


There’s a power vacuum in the top tier of the South African Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive arena. As is always the case at the end of an established dynasty, it creates the opportunity for new forces to rise in their place. Let’s take a closer look at the implications.

Embracing Destiny

You’ve probably heard all about Bravado Gaming’s move to the United States as part of their Project Destiny initiative. So far the team has been doing very well in ESEA Main North America. They have a very good chance of making the playoffs and gaining promotion to the Mountain Dew League based on their current form.

Bravado have also qualified for the Esports Championship Series (ECS) Challenger Cup which could, in turn, qualify them for the ECS Season Five league. With last weekend’s not insignificant victory against the highly-rated Team Dignitas, the team has taken a big step forward for both themselves and the SA scene at large. With their relocation, they are the first old god gone from the competitive landscape in SA.

Enduring Tragedy

Damage Control have always considered themselves to be the litmus test for any aspiring team in South Africa. The final boss that needs to be defeated to gain entry into the top tier of CS:GO in our country. In more recent times, teams like Big 5 Esports and Goliath Gaming had usurped DC’s usual podium place and surpassed them. DC were still a solid team amongst the top five in the country. Going into 2018 they certainly showed no signs of slowing down. DC made it to the final of the WESG Qualifiers in January and showed that they were still a force on the local stage.

Sadly, DC’s Chris “Apocalypse” Lautre was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on February 2 this year. Chris was a friend and a frequent collaborator of mine. He was one of the best human beings I have ever known. His loss is felt deeply by so many. Within the team he was the glue that held them together. Unconfirmed reports have strongly indicated that the DC family appropriately decided to call time on their illustrious careers after the passing of their brother and friend. Their lack of participation in VS Masters and ESEA since seem to bear this out. We’ll miss you, Chris.


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