GameNation SA – Eleague Boston Major 2018 Smashes Twitch Viewership Records

Jan 31, 2018

This past Sunday 28 January, viewers eagerly tuned in for the Grand Final of the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. This was the 12th Valve-sanctioned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major since 2013. The Majors are the absolute pinnacle of competition and prestige on the competitive CS:GO calendar. The Majors are the ultimate prize for every professional CS:GO player.

Thousands of hours of practice are invested into the game by the very best players in the world in pursuit of the trophy. Many pros with celebrated careers in CS:GO and previous versions of the game have spent their entire careers chasing the Major dream without succeeding. Some of those that have claimed a Major win as part of their legacy is thought of as being within the pantheon of the all-time greats of CS:GO.

A massive Grand Final

Every player wants to win it. Every team wants to take home the most revered title in all of Counter-Strike. Every fan of the game wants to watch it. Which is exactly what they all did, as the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 achieved the highest concurrent Twitch viewership on a single channel ever during the Grand Final. The English Twitch stream peaked at 1,131,952 viewers with an overall peak across all streaming channels and languages of 1,847,643. That’s absolutely staggering for a title that is into its sixth year since release and solidifies CS:GO’s place among the most popular esports titles among viewers.

The previous record was also held by ELEAGUE, with their Atlanta Major 2017. ELEAGUE is a joint venture between Turner Broadcasting (TBS, Inside NBA) and WME/ IMG that has been very successful both as a traditional esports tournament host and as a pioneer in the television broadcast space for esports. The team from ELEAGUE have created a compelling product that appeals both to hardcore esports fans and potential newcomers alike. The ELEAGUE Major joins a raft of successfully staged previous events held by Turner for CS:GO (Premier, Clash for Cash, Season One and Two) as well as for other titles such as Street Fighter and Rocket League. All of these events have been broadcast on the TBS television network in the United States. While it’s unclear what sort of viewership numbers were attained on TBS in the Boston Major Final, it’s likely that it would have added significantly to the record-breaking viewership metrics. ELEAGUE have achieved a lot in only two short years of existence.

Eleague Boston Major 2018 Champions Cloud 9

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