GameNation SA – Battalion 1944: Should you be excited?

2 Feb, 2018

Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 was released to Steam Early Access yesterday (1 February) and it’s got fans of classic World War Two-themed shooters salivating at the prospect of some old-school First Person Shooter action. Is this just yet another title in a long line of Call of Duty clones, doomed to certain failure? Or is it something more unique?

Nice from far

On the surface of it, the game doesn’t exactly look like something all that groundbreaking. The graphics are decidedly dated in appearance and the maps are quite plain and lack some of the detail one might expect of a current gen release. The premise seems like the illegitimate love child of Call of Duty 2 multiplayer and COD 4: Modern Warfare ProMod. It’s not exactly original. Why would anyone care about this game?

Who cares, you ask?

Apparently, rather a lot of people do. My Twitter inbox was flooded with messages yesterday after I tweeted about the game ahead of its release. There seems to be a voracious appetite for just such a game. Internationally, streamers and CS:GO gods like Mike “shroud” Grzesiek and Alex “LeX” Deily embraced the game while it was in Alpha and Beta releases. They’ve added considerably to the hype around it hitting Steam Early Access.

Battalion 1944 purports to be exactly the title ex-COD4 ProMod players have been waiting for. It wants to be the game COD 2 fans were hoping the more recent COD: WWII would be after a more than decade-long wait. Every year, there’s been hope among the PC COD community for a return to the halcyon days of ProMod. Every year with each new release, it’s seemed like in the quest for ever higher sales volumes, Activision has just gotten further and further away from that ideal.

Battalion 1944

Alien Nation

In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene we’ve certainly reaped the rewards of an influx of skilled tactical shooter players in the last few years. These players were jumping ship from the game series that had alienated them one time too many and were looking for an FPS to call home. Seemingly almost every top CS:GO team has a former COD player in its ranks. Players that immediately come to mind are Energy eSports’ Jan “Takbok” Theron, Leetpro e-Sports’  Brad “BaNaNaZz” Altona and Exdee Gaming’s Jandre ‘makmuR’ van Vuuren. These are names that most South African CS:GO fans would be familiar with. The question is, will Battalion 1944 recapture the erstwhile hardcore ProMod players?

My hands-on experience

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