GameNation SA – Bravado’s Project Destiny and International Success

Jan 19, 2018

Bravado Gaming has announced Project Destiny. Join me as I wax lyrical about their prospects and South Africa’s opportunity to make a mark on the international scene.

What does Destiny have to do with CS:GO?

If you’re thinking about the Activision grind-a-thon and its sequel, absolutely nothing. Wednesday night’s revelations from Bravado on what exactly Project Destiny is made it clear that it’s all about CS:GO.  Bravado Gaming will be relocating their CS:GO roster to North America from February this year to play in the ESEA Season 27 Main Division online. It is, of course, a huge story for Bravado and South African esports in general.

If we hope to be able to compete against a high level of international opposition, we need to playing against them regularly and this is a great stride in that very direction. All the while a Bravado Academy team will be competing in local competitions, so the famous Bravado name will still be represented in SA competition. I’m sure you’ll join me and the rest of the SA esports community in wishing the boys in blue the absolute best of luck!

Bravado Gaming Project Destiny

ESEA Main and BVD

I had a look at the level of competition that Bravado will be likely to face in ESEA Main. I have never heard of any of the opposing teams. This probably bodes well for Bravado’s prospects of promotion. They were relatively competitive against the next tier of opposition from the ESEA Mountain Dew League at the LAN Finals of Season 23 in Los Angeles January 2017. South Africa’s ESEA league at the time allowed teams to play at the MDL LAN but has since been reduced to the title of Open, which no longer qualifies SA teams for the LAN.

Bravado was able to beat a depleted Team Solomid in the group stages but was destroyed against eventual finalists LDLC and the overall champions Rogue. This experience should stand them in good stead against the somewhat lesser opposition in ESEA Main. I do however believe this lineup is more skilled and cohesive than the team from a year ago as well.

The hard road ahead for Bravado

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