ESEA Season 26: Semi Final Review and Grand Final Preview

The ESEA Season 26 Grand Final will be beamed all over the world tonight, courtesy of the fine folk from Mettlestate. First, a retrospective of the Semi Finals that predicated this Final, followed by a preview of the final.

The Semi Finals in Review

Bravado Gaming vs Goliath Gaming: 2 – 0

The first map was Cobblestone, and on Goliath’s map pick, the boys in blue went straight for the jugular. The 16 – 4 scoreline reflects the relatively one-sided nature of the map for Bravado, with a well-rounded team effort in terms of frags across the board. Aided in no small part by Dimitri “Detrony”  Hadjipaschali’s mad 2.03 HLTV rating on the map. Goliath were never allowed a foothold. Bravado powered to a 12 -3 lead on their Terrorist (T) side, which set themselves up for a comfortable victory.

Train was slightly more competitive for Goliath, but with Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek hitting a rich vein of form and Bravado looking dominant overall, it was never going to go in their favour. Bravado claimed map two 16 – 7. MVP of the series has to be Sonic with a Kill to Death Ratio (KD) of 41/19, Average Damage per Round (ADR) of 93.7 and a frankly ludicrous 1.63 HLTV rating. Incredible statistics considering the abbreviated nature of the series. The rest of the team were hot on his heels though. Stefan “Nefan” Smit was the best player for Goliath on 34/38 KD, with some stunning multi kill rounds and his ADR of 92.3 showing how consistently he was dealing damage to his opponents. Bravado move on to the final.

Big 5 Esports vs Energy eSports: 2 – 1

Going into this match, I was quite worried in last week’s preview about how this might go. Principally because Rieghardt “Flexi” Romatski of Energy was unable to play which left team analyst and caster Adam “Wham” Postepski to fill in. With one of Energy’s key players unavailable, it would certainly give Big 5 an opportunity to bridge the gap between themselves and the African champions.

The Shift in Balance

Why would one player potentially sway the result that much? I think the problem for Energy comes in with…

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