ESEA Season 26 Playoffs: Quarter Final Review and Semi Final Preview

The first of the ESEA South Africa Season 26 Semi Finals are coming your way later tonight. What happened last week after my Quarter Final preview article? What can we look forward to in the Semi Finals? Read on.

ESEA Season 26

The ESEA Quarter Finals in review

Goliath Gaming vs Exdee Gaming: 2 – 0

After a flurry of force buys on either side, things settled down on Cobblestone with Goliath winning the map quite comprehensively with a 16 – 8 scoreline. Cache was similarly skewed towards Goliath with a 16 – 7 map win. Man of the Series has to be the normally supportive element in the team, Richard “Deviant” Groves getting 55 kills in total (29 map one, 26 map two). The veteran player finished with a monstrous +30 kill to death ratio and was able to score over 100 ADR (average damage per round) across both maps. Anything over 100 is very good. For Exdee, Gareth “Freaky” Glanville was similarly good with 48 frags in a losing effort.

Energy eSports vs xAstris: 2 – 0

Energy were relatively easy victors with 16 – 3 and 16 – 7 scores on Cobblestone and Inferno respectively. Robby “Blackpoison” da Loca had a field day getting 50 kills between two abbreviated maps which are indicative of Energy’s dominance in this series. On Cobble Blackpoison ended with a frankly ludicrous 138.1ADR. Energy were never challenged. This was made all the more impressive in that the team’s analyst Adam “Wham” Postepski was playing in place of premier entry fragger Rieghardt “flexi” Romatzki.

Bravado Gaming vs Damage Control: 2 – 0

What was once thought of as the “El Classico” in South African CS:GO has not been so in at least a year. DC’s drop off in performance has been marked. Both teams were forced to play with stand ins: Bravado with coach Tiaan “Tc.” Coertzen in for star AWPer Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali. On DC’s side, Angelo “Adr3nalin” Olevano replaced in game leader Harry “inciN” Apostoleris. While losing the team’s in game leader would have hurt DC more than Detrony’s absence would hurt Bravado, it’s rather shocking that DC were beaten this completely. Cache was a whitewash with a 16 – 0 to Bravado. None of DC’s players even broke double figures in the fragging department. Mirage was only slightly less one-sided with 16 – 6 the final score. Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek was in dominant form with 56 kills across the two maps and a mind-boggling ADR of 153.7 on Cache and series average ADR of 141.25. Mental.

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