Preview: ESL Africa Season Two Finals

It might have come as a surprise to South African esports fans earlier in the year when ESL announced their African CS:GO Championship. Why would the world’s largest and oldest professional esports company be interested in our tiny competitive scene? Future potential growth would be an obvious answer. The other key thing to understand is the African part of the name. This isn’t just a typical South Africa only competition. This involves Africa as a continent rather than being a symbolic “African” tournament.

There is always something new out of Africa

Africa is the next great frontier in esports, just as it is the next great frontier on the world of business. As internet infrastructure improves, so will people’s access to and appetite for esports. The ESL African CS:GO Championship is aiming to be the continent’s premier esports tournament. ESL along with African broadcast partners, Kwesé, have set their sights on conquering the African esports arena with a long term plan to grow the community and grow the fanbase. Kwesé have indeed propelled the quality of African esports broadcasting another step forward. This is going to be a spectacle to watch!

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