Preview: VS Gaming Masters CS:GO tournament at rAge 2017 with zerOch4Nce

Africa’s largest gaming event, the annual rAge Expo, is upon us yet again. A veritable gaming paradise awaits both casual gamers and hardcore esports fans alike within the Galaxy of Geek housed in the Ticketpro Dome located in northern Johannesburg.

Known last year as the Telkom Digital Gaming League Masters Finals, now rebranded as VS Gaming Masters, this year’s tournament is a little bit different. Last year’s edition offered a cumulative R1 million prize pool between both Dota 2 and CS:GO. This year Dota 2 finished their season at the finals at EGE Expo in late July, which leaves CS:GO to take pride of place alone on the main stage at rAge for the hefty R550,000 prize pool. The same amount was in place for the Dota 2 tournament for an eye-watering total of R1,1 million between both titles for 2017.

Did someone say money?

This year’s prize breakdown:

  • First place – R220,000
  • Second place – R99,000
  • Third place – R55,000
  • Fourth place – R44,000
  • Fifth place – R38,500
  • Sixth place – R38,500
  • Seventh place – R27,500
  • Eighth place – R27,500

The stakes are indeed high for the teams participating!

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