A Who’s Who Guide to Navigating South African CS:GO

I’m doing this as much for the benefit of you, our valued reader, as for Sargon and Zombie Dredd. Why, you ask? They’re cretinous Counter-Strike noobs. Ignorant in the ways of the flame and the flashbang. Philistines unaware of the great feats of skill and the sheer brilliance of the Sonics and the Domsterrs of CS:GO’s upper echelon in South Africa. This will help even their wide-eyed slack-jawed faces register understanding. This is all about who’s who and what’s what for those who haven’t been following the game locally. I’m looking forward to the day that we all come to the same understanding and mutual admiration of the best of the best in this, the most venerable (and freaking awesome) of all competitive shooters. [Read More]

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