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This week every year celebrates the birthdays of Quake (22) and Counter-Strike (19). Quake and CS was the start of PC esports in the west, and both games inspired nearly all the FPS games played today. Quake and CS will live forever.

You thought we forgot about the podcast today...we didn't. We forgot @za_geemax is still overseas. 🤣 We'll finally be back next week with @StGutterLily, @ThePenguinZA, @axtremes & @KChicktay for another episode!

An interview with @bravadogaming's @SaltyMonkeh about the team's recent win in the @Mettlestate @ASUS_za Valkyrie season one for #CSGO.

Read here: https://t.co/3TfzHjShC4

Article by @axtremes

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Take a look back at the @Mettlestate @ASUS_za Valkyrie season one with @axtremes and @bravadogaming's @SaltyMonkeh

Read more here: https://t.co/3TfzHjAGKw

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