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That Astralis vs Liquid matchup was a 🔥🔥🔥 tournament opener. What a great way to start #BLASTProSeries

Only managed to catch Train in person, but holy crap what an impressive result from Denial. Beat Ghost Gaming 2-0 in the Dreamhack Dallas closed qualifier.
They've really stepped it up in the short time since WESG. 💪

A look at how the South Africans fared at @WESGcom in #Dota2, #StarCraft2 and #Hearthstone.

Read more by @hazecasting here:

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Played CS until 5am with friends on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. I'm still paying for that now. 😫
Yet, I'll still do it again this weekend. 🤣 Man, I love this game. There's nothing like it. ❤️

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